Junior Togatuki was a NZ 501 who died tragically  whilst detained in custody despite serving his complete sentence some 5-6 weeks earlier. He was in fact free but due to the conditions of Section 501 his visa had been cancelled and he was kept in Goulburn Prison in solitary confinement. He had been afraid for his safety and family members are still struggling to understand how this has been allowed to occur and why it happened. Junior had been living in Australia since he was aged 4yrs old and his entire family are based in Australia. He plead to the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to not send him away from his family but to no avail.  To date no reports have revealed about the circumstances of his death. 


Australia pledges to investigate death of Junior Togatuki in jail cell


Last updated 08:53, September 29 2015

From juvie to supermax to despair

The tragic death of Junior Togatuki

Junior Togatuki should have been free. The 23-year-old had spent all of his adult life and much of his youth inside NSW prisons.

But more than a month after his sentence expired, he was still languishing in solitary confinement in Goulburn’s Supermax prison. His Australian visa had been revoked, and as his release date passed, his isolation cell transitioned seamlessly into defacto immigration detention. Battling schizophrenia and anxiety, his mental health deteriorated as he waited for a deportation date for New Zealand, which he'd left when he was four years old.

His family can’t be sure he ever received one.

At 6am on September 12 - seven years after he entered the NSW prison system as a juvenile for armed robbery and assault - Junior was found dead in his cell. His left wrist had been slashed open with a prison-issued razor blade, and in his blood he had written messages of love to his family.

Junior Togatuki's family believe death wasn't suicide

By  Tom McRae

Monday 28 Sep 2015 6:03 p.m.

Togatuki family: 'we just want answers'

Family members of Junior Togatuki, who died in solitary confinement in Goulburn prison on September 12th, say they've been kept in the dark about the circumstances surrounding Junior's mental illness and his death.

Kiwis in Australian Immigration Detention: The Tragedy of Junior Togatuki

By  Ugur Nedim