You can either apply online or download and print off the paper application. Please click links to read full notes. Below are just a brief outline of the most important key points.

1300T for 18yrs and over.

Step 1 – Eligibility
You should use this form if you meet the general eligibility 
criteria for Australian citizenship, that is, you:
•     are aged 18 years or over and under 60
•     are a permanent resident
•    satisfy the residence requirement 
•    are likely to reside, or to continue to reside, in Australia or to 
maintain a close and continuing association with Australia, and
•     are of good character.

1290 Form for 16 or 17 yr olds, and over 60yrs old, or specific disability as outlined in criteria below.

Step 1 – Eligibility 
You should use this form if you:
•     are aged 60 and over – you will need to show you 
understand the nature of your application, or
•    have a permanent or enduring physical or mental 
incapacity, or
•    have a permanent loss or substantial hearing, speech 
or sight impairment.

You should also use this form if you:
•     are 16 or 17 years of age



Screenshot 2014-03-05 07.35.29.png

Relevant document: ‘Police Clearance’. 
Apply to: 
Privacy Unit 
Ministry of Justice 
National Office 
PO Box 2750 
Phone: +64 4 9188800 Fax: + 64 4 9188974 
Provide: applications must be made using form F1 and the request must be for a Full Record of 
Convictions (the Full Record of Convictions box on form F1 must be ticked). 
Forms can be obtained at www.Ministry of Justice or from the Ministry of Justice at the above address. 
Note: you will first obtain a full NZ Ministry of Justice police clearance. 
If there are any sentences of imprisonment, you will be required to complete a ‘Consent to Disclosure 
of Information’ form and Form 80 (available from DIAC).

Below is the form that needs to be completed for the police check:

Make sure to tick the box requesting a full record:

Important: Complete the 1195 Identity declaration form and have a passport style photograph taken - You will need to have an Australian citizen who meets the requirements on the form to sign the back of your photograph and sign the document.