We have another very important update to make and it seems it's all happening in WA at the moment!

In May this year we shared Bevan's very sad and tragic story but today we have some amazingly fantastic news! 

After almost 4 months of battling Centrelink and mountains of paperwork we are relieved to announce that Bevan has finally been granted Disability Support Pension (DSP) with a back payment as of yesterday. 

This outcome means the difference in every way possible and we are all so happy Bevan can now move forward in his life and enjoy spending time with his family without the suffering and degradation of living in immense poverty. 

Bevan had been turned down for DSP over the years despite meeting the criteria. The battle to be recognised as someone who qualifies is one that befalls heavily on those who need it the most and are certainly in no fit condition to advocate and represent themselves. 

It also doesn't help when employees are ill-equipped with the adequate knowledge and you as the potential applicant don't understand your own entitlements. 

Nevertheless, we have learned time and again that we should never take no for an answer unless we have completely exhausted each avenue - several times over!

An enormous thank you to our WA Rep and Leader Tania Hohaia for her tireless work and dedication to helping our people. Tania became an Australian dual citizen only a few months ago but has remained strong to our organisation regardless.

I'd also like to thank Stephen Stephenson of Sydney NSW who has been an absolute blessing and has helped a number of our people behind the scenes receive Disability Support Pension.

DSP is one of the few things we may be entitled to in Australia but in our experience even those who qualify often get rejected. Regardless, always ask for the paperwork and apply. 

Ph International Services Hobart on 131673 Opt 2 if you think you may qualify. The criteria is very specific but worth trying if you need it. 

If you are not familiar with Bevan's story we posted an overview on fb on May 14, 2014:
Perth - WA 
(Real life situation)

- 43yr old NZ male
- Ex wife is Australian
- 3 young children in care of mum and has visits with dad each week
- Dad has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and given 5-6yrs to live
- Dad has been rejected DSP therefore living on no income
- Knows if he returns to NZ he will never get to see his children again
- Has tried working and has collapsed on job sites numerous times
- Has gone as far as to conceal his health condition just to try to earn an income
- Condition rapidly getting worse
- Not eligible for a healthcare card due to receiving no income
- Has been living off the good charity of friends in Australia and family in NZ
- Has no family support in Australia
- Arrived two weeks after the 2001 laws changed so been living in Australia for over 13yrs
- Doesn't qualify for RRV
- Now faces having to pay Dr's fee and more for medicines
- Has one week's rent left 
- Has run out of options but refuses to leave and return back to NZ for fear of never seeing his children ever again
- Would choose a life of homelessness instead of leaving

Is this how Australia is treating our people? They would rather see you die on their streets than afford you with some dignity and help should life deal you a harsh hand? 

What do you do? The situation seems hopeless and for years he has been battling a system that has no regard for his humanity. To say go back to where you came from is not an option that any decent human being should be saying or have to face. 

This is not an isolated or rare case. In fact it's occurring far more frequently yet we are blind to it and so much more.

Register to vote in NZ if you are eligible. Make our NZ government take some responsibility since they know full well what is happening. They should be warning our people and advocating for those of us who are here who have been totally kept in the dark of what the 2001 legislations truly mean - no rights, no humanity, no dignity and certainly no care. 


The same concept works in reverse. If we CHOOSE NOT TO BECOME AUS CITIZENS we forfeit our right to ask Aus politicians to hear our pleas. 

We are of course referring to those that have a choice, not the hundreds of thousands that don't.

Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says that Labour ruling out the Internet Mana Party from ministerial posts showed the importance of the Maori Party sitting at the Government of the day.

Flavell: 'If you want change, you have to be at the table' - National - NZ Herald News


Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says that Labour ruling out the Internet Mana Party from ministerial posts showed the importance of the Maori Party sitting at the Government - New Zealand Herald

Another spot of Good News 

A massive THANK YOU to Anne from Perth for all your help and encouragement with my RRV application. I have just received an email from Immigration and have been granted perm residency. Words cant express how I'm feeling right now, never thought it was possible. Keep up the great work that you all do for this group. .
Feeling very Blessed to be part of IWI n AUS. You guys ROCK.
Regards Maggie

This week we were all struck with the tragic news of losing an amazing and talented human being - Robin Williams. Released is his final message which he sent out to a young NZ woman dying of cancer. Even in his darkest moment he was still giving out to others. RIP Robin Williams xxx

Comedian's sincere message


Before taking his own life, Robin Williams sent a message of love to a terminally ill Kiwi.

Do you think this is being a tad cheeky? We sent a tweet to the UK PM David Cameron and it reads:

***"Dear PM, Have you seen Australia's cruel immi laws towards Kiwis? We think TA needs to clean up own backyard 1st to be fair"***

We won't hold our breath for a response but wouldn't it be great?!

This is such a joke and so hypocritical of the NZ and AU government. We have to ask, why has John Key not been able to do the same thing? Seems like Tony Abbott had no problems asking UK PM to change their laws to suit them and they didn't even get any resistance or attacked with verbal diarrhoea like we've had to put up with for how long now? Such as: 





We had to laugh at this article from Ca-NAY-dia and their typo. See if you spot it too.

Last paragraph reads, but more importantly look at the last sentence. At least UK has the human decency to have measures in place and not allow you in under false pretences. 

A significant decline was witnessed in the number of Australians coming to live and work in the UK in the last couple of years. The number of Australians living in the UK has gone down to 26,000(as per the figures for the year 2011) from 40,000 in the year 1999. And this is being linked directly to the discriminatory UK work visa policies against Australian nationals.


Where does your tax go? Notice the enormous welfare deduction that you are never going to be entitled should you get sick, injured, made redundant, family tragedy eg child diagnosed with terminal illness and you want to be there for them and not at work (which has sadly happened on a number of occasions), your spouse dies or leaves you and your children, you separate due to problems even abuse and DV, disability the list goes on. 

You've earned it and paid for it fair and square yet Australia's government have no issue with exploiting Kiwis across their entire working life taking our taxes and ENSURING we can't claim on most of it by removing access to permanent residency and penalising us and our families simply because we're Kiwis. 

If people think it's a privilege to live and work here for your entire life then they have fallen for the number #1 piece of government propaganda!

Go home some may say? Be great if we all could then Aus gov would pull their heads out and make changes quick smart. 

I'll say it again...KIWIS ARE THE HIGHEST WORKING GROUP OF PEOPLE LIVING IN AUSTRALIA therefore the largest contributor to welfare in this country, yet the only ones permanently excluded. It's not okay, not fair, unjust, inhumane, dirty politics and daylight robbery, plain and simple.

Kia ora koutou,
We are beginning plans to have our next Awareness Day on February 26th, 2015 in both Canberra, AU and most likely Wellington, NZ. If you are interested in helping out or joining us email us your details on iwinaus@gmail.com and we will be in touch.

Nga mihi nui,
Erina and team


Today I finally received permission to be a citizen of both New Zealand and Australia.
I can't find the words to explain how relieved I am and how difficult this process has been. I am grateful to my family, work colleagues and friends ...who supported and listened to me during times of confusion and frustration! 
The most important lessons learned have been ... get advice from reliable sources like Erina from Iwi n Aus and Iwi n Aus South Australia; don't accept rejection when you believe you have the correct information; keep 'jumping through the hoops' and doing things asked, even when you feel they are ridiculous; and most important persevere!
Thanks 2014!

Jane Courage (alias) shares her heart breaking story with us all.

Forced to return to Australia by a legal system which would not take into consideration, her child who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is denied medical treatment vital to his incurable illness. 

Jane is reaching out and sharing her story.

Their are many New Zealand women trapped in marriages/relationships due to a inconsistent and inhuman legislation.

Scared to leave their husband, where do they go?

Do they take a chance, risk it and go to a woman's refuge in hope that they will be taken in, accepted with no funding? 

To friends or family living in Australia, sometimes placing those who are helping at risk just by being their.

Do they return to New Zealand? 

Jane did decide to return to New Zealand to be with her family to have a support network, to be surrounded by loved ones/whanau. Jane would also be able to gain work as family have offered to help her with her childs care. Her son also qualifies to full medical necessities. 

Jane has offered open and full access to her ex-husband anytime he return's to New Zealand. Her ex-husband is currently employed in Australia, is a SCV holder and currently ineligible to gain citizenship in Australia.

Jane's ex-husband does not wish for their child to return to New Zealand. He however has made no financial contributions for his child since their separation, he has custody every 2nd weekend since their return to Australia.

Now forced back to Australia Jane has no family around her and is standing alone in a system which has denied her legal aid due to not meeting the "reasonable prospect of success" test therefore the Australian Government believe "that Jane's matter does not meet the appropriateness of spending limited public legal aid".

With limited income and no access to legal aid Jane and her child are stuck in limbo living in a country denying her child the care he needs. 

Please respect and honour Jane's strength for sharing her story. No hate comments will be allowed. A ban will be imposed straight away.

Kia Kaha
Iwi n Aus Team