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Who we are

Our intent

Our vision:  We are Australia's trusted global gateway

Our mission:  To protect Australia's border and manage the movement of people and goods across it

Our outcomes:  We contribute to achieving three national outcomes:

      • strong national security
      • a strong economy
      • a prosperous and cohesive society

About the Australian Border Force (ABF)

On 1 July 2015, the functions of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service were integrated into a new Department. The Australian Border Force was established as the new front-line operational agency within the Department reflecting a greater focus on the border as a strategic national asset.  The integrated arrangements build on recent border protection reforms and the long history of the two organisations working closely together.

The Australian Border Force brought together all existing operational border, investigations, compliance, detention (facilities and centres) and enforcement functions. Policy, regulatory and corporate support for the Australian Border Force are delivered by the Department.

We have significant service and enforcement functions, including: 

  • facilitating the lawful passage of people and goods
  • investigations, compliance and enforcement in relation to illicit goods and immigration malpractice; and
  • onshore detention, removals and support to regional processing arrangements

We consider the border not to be a purely physical barrier separating nation states, but a complex continuum stretching offshore and onshore, including the overseas, maritime, physical border and domestic dimensions of the border. 

Treating the border as a continuum allows an integrated, layered approach to provide border management in depth— working ahead of and behind the border, as well as at the border, to manage threats and take advantage of opportunities.  
By applying an intelligence-led model and working with our partner agencies across the border continuum, we deliver effective border control over who and what has the right to enter or exit, and under what conditions.  

Officers in the Australian Border Force are operationally focused, uniformed and part of a disciplined enforcement body undertaking functions across our operating environment – patrolling our air and seaports, remote locations, mail and cargo centres and Australia's extended maritime jurisdiction.

We work closely with other government and international agencies to detect and deter unlawful movement of goods and people across the border.
The integration of our complementary customs, immigration and border protection functions and capabilities provides more diverse and interesting jobs and careers for our people.  They will be supported by better training, modernised business processes and systems, an increased sense of professionalism and a strengthened culture of integrity.  
The combination of enforcement resources from both immigration and customs will enable us to boost our capacity over time and maintain investment in key capital infrastructure that supports the protection of Australia’s border. 
The full implementation of the Australian Border Force vision, model and workforce transformation will take time and arrangements will be progressively implemented.

The ABF structure comprises two Groups – the Operations Group and the Support Group.

The Operations Group has responsibility for all operational activity relating to the management of travellers, goods and cargo throughout the border continuum.

The Support Group has responsibility for providing planning, support and specialist services to ensure operational continuity across the border continuum and the operational management responsibility for detention services management including health, detention estate management, and regional processing and settlement.

The Australian Border Force Commissioner

The Australian Border Force is headed by a statutory officer - a Commissioner - reporting directly to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection on operational matters, responsible for managing these operations and commanding officers.

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Your information could be the key piece of the puzzle. Reporting suspicious or criminal behaviour actively helps us to protect Australia’s border and manage the movement of people and goods across it. If you suspect that someone is working illegally, has no right to be in Australia or is involved in smuggling or other criminal activities, we want to hear from you.

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Minister - New recruits to help protect Australia's borders

Friday, 18 December 2015

The first recruits to complete the training to become Australian Border Force (ABF) officers will be deployed to roles throughout New South Wales after celebrating their graduation in Sydney today.

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton attended the graduation ceremony and congratulated the 16 graduates of the ABF recruit training programme.

Mr Dutton said these new officers will contribute to Australia's national security, community safety and economic prosperity through their work.

"As frontline officers, these recruits will play an important role in developing relationships with the Australian public and industry. They will work closely with other government agencies to also help stop the unlawful movement of people and goods across the border," Mr Dutton said.

The ABF received approximately 3,000 applications during the first intake. Of this, 105 recruits were selected and they are currently going through the ABF College. These recruits will undergo an extensive 12-month training programme to equip them to perform a range of duties across Australia’s airports, seaports, land and maritime jurisdictions.

These officers have received training on the full range of legislative obligations the ABF and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection administer. The training also exposes them to operational search and safety techniques, including in the use of force where it may be required in performing their role.

The graduates will now commence a six-month period of structured work placements in order to cement their training in a practical way before undertaking their first full-time posting from July 2016.

"These graduates should be exceptionally proud of their achievement and we are pleased to welcome them to the Australian Border Force," Mr Dutton said.

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Last update: Friday, 18 December 2015