In 2001 under the John Howard government two amendments to legislations were designed specifically to exclude New Zealand citizens. This entire process occurred rather hurriedly and haphazardly, without fair warning nor clear explanations made to the general public.

New Zealanders who fall into this unfortunate category of arriving after the changes on 26th February 2001 otherwise known as NON-PROTECTED SPECIAL CATEGORY VISA HOLDERS are completely oblivious to the labyrinth of complexities and the danger this status poses.

The breaching of human rights and discrimination is not considered an issue in Australia, nor is it considered a valid complaint against New Zealanders because any so-called breaches that are connected with immigration policy is deemed 'legal and just' despite the overwhelming evidence that clearly shows otherwise. 

The anguish of these changes are further magnified because there has been no process put in place to monitor the short and longterm affects of such degrading laws. Kiwis have become as Tony Abbott so aptly put, 'Australia's Guest Workers.'

In February 2014 Tony Abbott also introduced further restrictions through a new amendment which now affects New Zealanders who have been living in Australia since 1st September, 1994. The greater fear of such an amendment is that it has set a whole new precedent causing new erosions to residents who have been present in Australia for 20 years. Jim Chalmers MP explains.