Bevan is 43yrs old and has been diagnosed with auto-immune disease along with a multitude of other complex health diagnoses. Bevan has been contributing and living in Australia for over 13yrs but unfortunately arrived just after the 2001 legislation changes which in turn have had profound and debilitating consequences. 

Bevan is being supported by our co-founder Tania Hohaia who is also our WA Iwi n Aus state leader. Bevan has asked Iwi n Aus to share his story out of a deep seeded passion for our plight to be recognised.

"Get my story out there big time. Could be good for others not knowing what to do. We gotta help our brothers and sisters.” Bevan (WA)

Please tautoko/support and awhi/help Bevan by listening to and sharing his story amongst all your whanau, friends, members of your communities and leaders. You can help Bevan, let his voice be heard.

Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui/Be brave, be strong, be steadfast,
Tania, Erina, Filipa