Never before in the history of Australian Immigration Detention centres have NZ citizens been visible in detention centres. 

This graph shows how NZ men were never recorded in detention centres prior to March 2015 because there were so few. But exactly one year later in March 2016 a historical change occurred where NZ men superseded the longstanding top ten nationalities of males in Australia's detention centres.

This is a clear representation of how ONE amendment has created a catalyst to allow a minority group to become unfairly and unjustly targeted and well and truly overrepresented.

Note:  Australia's detention centres are renown worldwide for their inhumane, abusive and torturous environments.  

Is this how the Australian government now regard the close ties to our NZ nation?

Is this how ANZACs treat one another?

What would our fallen soldiers and the memory of our allies be thinking? 

This despicable mistreatment is only directed one way and NZ does NOT treat Australians in such a way - not even close.

PM John Key has has without a doubt been a weak-kneed leader and has allowed ever growing  mistreatment to continue needlessly without being a strong advocate and political support to his own citizens.

Life for New Zealanders as well as non citizens in general living in Australia  has come under  constant threat as our basic human rights continue to be eroded. 

All statistics can be found on the Department of Border Protection website at: