Dear Mr Abbott,
Your new bill - Social Security Legislation Amendment (Increased Employment Participation) Bill 2014 begs us to ask the question:

Do you really hate Kiwis that much? 

Do you honestly believe given half a chance we'd be allsponging off your welfare system? Do you seriously believe that we are being treated with special privileges? Do you really think that we would come flooding into the country if social security were made available? Does it make sense to blame the one nationality that pays the most in taxes per ratio since we are and have always been the highest working migrant? It's like saying, the hardest workers that pay the most taxes deserve nothing and are nothing but bludgers!

You and your mastermind predecessor John Howard have done a wonderful job at completely and utterly brainwashing society and fellow New Zealanders of all the blame, accusations and ridicule just to make your laws sound justifiable. 

Mr Abbott, why let New Zealanders into a country then strip them of almost every right, for eternity? But not only that Mr Abbott, your laws that you stand by so valiantly do harm to our children also and our grandchildren. How do you sleep at night knowing how disgustingly revolting these laws are yet you decide to come up with a new one that attacks our people who arrived pre 2001 backdating to 1994? Do you have any morals Mr Abbott? Do you believe in giving people a fair go and treating people with dignity and respect? 

Did you do a quick check when your wife arrived to make sure she and your children would not be affected? After all they have Kiwi heritage too right? What an insult to us all and I really hope Mrs Abbott sees that her once fellow country men and women are at the mercy of her husband who will go down in history as single handedly annihilating centuries of historical ties, relationships, bonds and connections. 

Why would you openly seek ways to punish Kiwis who have been living here up to 20yrs all the way back to 1994? 

Were you mad because we held peaceful rallies doing our best to raise awareness? Did you find that type of behavior abhorrent and threatening to your little tax nest egg and empire? Was coming out with this new bill the very next day your way of telling us indirectly to BACK OFF?!

Your laws make no sense and only show how much you are willing to show HATE & DISCRIMINATION to a nation that you have underestimated. You are picking the wrong battle with the wrong people. It's time you started to take these issues up in all seriousness because it could mean you will go down in history as a negative and repulsive leader who would go as far as to kick a dog while it is down. 

Did you not know that the spirit of a New Zealander runs deep? We may be a small nation who is slow to anger but once we are crossed we will never back down, for eternity. 

The haka that is performed is not merely an act or form of entertainment, it's a cry that comes from the heart through generations of culture, heritage and history which we live and breathe and it runs through our veins. We are people with heart, a conscience, integrity and mana. We will not take your ill treatment lightly any longer.

This is NOT how family treat one another and Australians are treated beautifully in our homeland which is the way it should be. Shame on you Mr Abbott, your laws are a disgrace and insult to a first world country and mankind.

Naku noa,
Erina Anderson