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In April 2013 I decided to start seriously researching the 2001 laws because I was confused and needed to understand how the immigration process. I also found that there was no one I could turn to to ask the many questions I had and I was concerned for the future of my tamariki/children and mokopuna/grandchildren.

As a result I learned it is impossible for most of our people to secure our resident status so despite living and working in Australia for an indefinite period of years we are destined to forever be considered temporary residents only. The problem with this is we can never fully participate in Australia nor secure the future for our whanau. 

We have learned first hand the government in no shape or form are willing to forego their amendments regardless of the amount of years we live and work here nor the amount of taxes we might pay in a lifetime. 

I believe without a doubt that matters will gradually worsen and the truth is if nothing is done we will leave this enormous burden upon our next generation. 

Nga mihi nui,

Erina Anderson-Morunga - Founder

PH: 040 4417 994