Kia ora my name is Filipa Payne and I am part of the Iwi n Aus team. 

We are focused on addressing the oppressing legislation in Australia denying New Zealanders residing in Australia, Human Rights which in return sets a culture that we are second class humans. 

Too many New Zealanders are fighting to survive falling between the cracks of a system which enables our taxes to be taken yet never allowed to be put in place to support us in crises situations or allow our children to be treated as equals by the country they call home. We can contribute as soon as we arrive but no matter how long we live here we are denied any security if our circumstances change or a fair pathway to become citizens. 

The bond between New Zealand and Australia is strong with our history and founders intertwined. We have fought wars side by side, we cry with each other in times of Natural disasters, we cheer for each other in world events, we barrack each other on the sports field. We love each other and we love to chide each other. We have a treaty together. A written agreement, a partnership between 2 countries. Why is it accepted that New Zealand allows a fair pathway to citizenship for Australians residing in NZ, but Australia denies this in return to New Zealanders in Australia? Who is accountable for this? 

My family and I moved here in 2009 from Christchurch. The pearly gates we came through believing and hoping we were taking the right step for our future and it has been in so many ways. Australia is a wonderful country with great opportunities we love living here. At what cost are we to sacrifice to be accepted and treated with dignity. We have an ANZAC connection a bond of brotherhood. Why is it ok that our children are devalued? My father fought in Vietnam my grandfathers in WW2. Being raised in the army we had many interactions with the Australian Corp, and I always believed we showed a united front to the world. When did this change? Why did Australia decide it was ok to depict us as under class people? 

Why if Kiwi’s live here, work here, contribute taxes, contribute in the community the system in place denies our children equal human rights? Why are we separated and valued less by a Government System is this not oppressing us? I believe it is. How and why is this accepted? 

Iwi n Aus is joining us united to say we do not accept this. How can legislation discriminate because of our Nationality? 

Because we are New Zealanders it is ok to turn us away from Woman’s Refuge. 

Because we are New Zealanders a child with cerebral palsy is denied aid and assistance. 

Because we are New Zealanders we are denied public housing in natural disasters and so much more. 

If we join together and unite, join our stories, our love, our hope our voices we will be strong. To change this it is going to take the people to talk to care. All of us together, Australians and New Zealanders valuing, respecting and supporting. If we are a bricklayer, a lawyer, plumber, doctor or a dressmaker this affects all of us. No one is more important. No one is valued higher than you yourself. We believe your voice and our voice is equal. We are all affected we all can stand together. We are not asking for more than anyone else, we are asking to be treated fairly and equally. Please stand with us. Please value your voice and unite with us.
Kia Kaha 
Filipa Payne

Filipa Payne - Co-founder & QLD State Leader
Based in Gold Coast QLD

Our GC Rally after A Current Affair did such a terrible report on Kiwis living in Australia.

Iwi n Aus 1st Queensland Rally

Held 14th January 2014

I am struggling to find the words to express our first Iwi n Aus Gold Coast Rally. Publishing posts is one of the hardest things in the world to do. What words to use, making sure you are PC, engaging peoples interest, researching your facts, ensuring it is educational. My heart is telling me to express it as it really is from the perspective of a New Zealander living in Australia who is seeking Human Rights and a Fair pathway to Citizenship especially for children. 

To describe today in one word it would be Emotional. 

Scared, Nervous, Hopeful, are the words that immediately come to me. Second are Focused, Excited, Happy and most of all Determined

We were a small peaceful march. Passion, heart and honesty came out loud. Shortly after starting I was contacted by the Police via phone to clarify information they had received. I would like to say the Police Officer was very polite and respectful also doing his job.

We continued with our rally outside the Gold Coast City Council attracting lots of attention. Guess what no one spat on us, yelled abuse or attacked us. The complete opposite occurred. People crossed the road to talk and support, some stating they had seen last nights show on A Current Affair they were embarrassed this was happening to New Zealanders. People working for the council came out to talk to us, one gentleman sharing how it was affecting his family via a sister in law we had his full support.

Relief and supported is how I can describe my feelings.

At this stage we had been going for about a hour and the Police arrived. That is ok that is to be expected we cant hide away and be scared. A discussion took place and in accordance with Gold Coast laws we were braking them as we did not have a permit. We were not allowed to continue in any capacity. We had to put down our banners immediately. It was disappointing to have to stop but we were not there to brake the law we were there to talk about them so we did. 

The Officers listened to our plight understood why we were there supported our cause and they also upheld the law by not allowing us to continue. I respect and honour that, I would also never willing put my children in a situation were they could see mum getting arrested and not working within legal boundaries. On the up side there was a fantastic connection made with the police today and we look forward to announcing more soon. It was meant to be 

Shortly after the Police left a reporter arrived from the Gold Coast Bulletin we were photographed and interviewed. I do pray it is published as stated to them not distorted. Fingers crossed.

To Fiona, Debbie, Lee and Glennis it was a honour to stand next to you shoulder to shoulder united with dignity and pride. My respect, thanks and love to you all. No longer will we stay quiet and allow New Zealanders Plight in Australia to remain like a nasty little secret in society. We have faces, we are human, we are here, we have a voice and we will express them.

Such a big step was taken by many with Iwi n Aus today. How do I finish this how do I explain and try and connect to you for the first time in a long time I do not feel ashamed I feel proud. I do not feel hidden I feel seen. I do not feel voiceless I feel heard. I do not feel powerless I feel empowered.

Kia Kaha
Kind regards 
Filipa x x

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