Stop your whinging Joe Hockey!

Oh dear how sad Australian businesses are feeling slighted with the Christchurch rebuild. 

Of course Cantabs should come first in the rebuild this is our country, our city not Australia's. Mr Hockey is concerned there is ''Canterbury parochialism''. He however had no objection when Australian Supermarkets took NZ products off the shelves for a Buy Australian Made Campaign.

Christchurch City and all the people have been through hell and back. Instead of Mr Hockey worrying about profits for his Australian companies maybe he could spare a thought for all the people with out heating in the Chch winter. Or the thousands of people still fighting for their insurance claims.

It appears he could not even be honest with our PM only informing the media of his concerns not the Government. What is the matter Mr Hockey were you scared Mr Key might ask for Human Rights for New Zealanders living in Australia to be addressed first.

Go Home Mr Hockey we want lifters we don't need any leaners in New Zealand

Kia Kaha


'Canterbury first' irks Aussies

Australian businesses complain they are being shut out of the Christchurch rebuild.

Just a letter to let you know I had my RRV approved this morning- WOW - this is the fastest Aus post has ever worked in my favour. posted on Friday morning and the email came this Monday afternoon.

Just a few things I jotted down,

I came across the Iwi n Aus site on Facebook like so many others and read about how us Kiwis were getting a $#1t deal here in Australia and thought bugger that could happen to any of us and we can't do much about it until I read about the RRV.
Now I'm terrible for procrastinating and so put it off thinking I'm probably not going to get it cause I came to Australia in 1990 on my parents passport. So after applying for my movement records to Canberra and then contacting Anne several times just to make sure I do it right I filled out the 1085 form and then compiled my documents and got them signed by a JP. The hardest part for me I thought was typing up a letter why I've been away for over 5 years and why I'm valuable to Australia. Now thats where Anne helped the most by sorting out my timeframe and realising that I had enough to dribble on about without getting too involved.
Thank goodness for travel before 1994 and especially to Anne who helped me a hell of a lot even though she's trying to move house and look after her own tribe- I can't thank you enough.
Now to dust out how to sponsor my wife and kids then we can go for citizenship too.

Many thanks to this awesome group of Kiwis with a massive heart.

At times we have felt exhausted, discouraged, overwhelmed, hoha/annoyed, insignificant and even useless. But the greatest lesson for us has been do what you can each day - even if it seems insignificant and miniscule. Every seed planted, every phone call, every meeting, every march, every ounce of help and advice given, every post written and piece of material researched has culminated to mobilising a very serious issue that was once completely ignored and not given the attention it needed. 

May we never forget one of our most important whakatauki/proverbs:
He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!/What is the most important thing in the world? It is people! It is people! It is people!

Na Erina