NEW INFORMATION HAS JUST SURFACED - Haven't been this excited since discovering RRV which coincidentally was one year ago today!!!

Do you know of any unprotected NZ adults or children who arrived to Australia from February 27th, 2001 to May 25th, 2001? Contact us ASAP via email or ph iwinaus@gmail.com or ph 0404417994

There is a possibility we can help with information with regards to permanent residency. 

Please pass this crucial post on and share with as many of your friends and whanau as possible.

Nga mihi nui

Politics: Lesson #1 Crises of Capitalism - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOP2V_np2c0

Prior to raising our plight I seriously had no idea how politics worked. I came from a background where we didn't discuss politics around our dinner table let alone anywhere else. We were raised to work hard, pay our taxes and to leave politics to the elite academics to work out for us all. 

As I grew older I tried to follow current affairs programs and news items in order to try to learn, but there were so many topics, the use of jargon, acronyms and terminologies I would get lost within moments then switch off.

Now that we're in a situation where the only way we can truly effect change is at a political level it's been imperative to get up to speed with how it works.

This has lead us on a pathway of learning, researching and discovery. 

We would like to share our journey with you and have decided to involve information and education around politics and anything that may help us all to understand the terms and structures. 

So if you're as keen as we are to learn keep an eye out for our posts that we add. We will also create a section on our webpage where we will add all links and information to. 

Attached is an animated discussion titled Crises of Capitalism.

Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. 

We hope you enjoy and we look forward to healthy discussions and debates around our learning.
Nga mihi,


Food for thought: If the 2014 Budget goes ahead....

- Will unemployed under 30yr olds who are living in immense poverty and hardship be likely to drive wages down?

- Will fierce competition begin?

- Will employers 'let go' of employees because they will qualify for government subsidies that help pay for employment - work for the dole schemes?

- Will potential employers take advantage knowing people will be desperate and will we see increases in workplace bullying and exploitation?

- Will New Zealanders be required to apply for a visa since there won't be an abundance of jobs anymore? 

- Or, will the government still let us Kiwis in freely knowing this will undoubtedly add extra pressure on their own Australian residents for precious jobs?

- What chance will homeless people have in applying for employment? 

- How will children be affected if mum or dad are out of work and not able to get any income for 6mths at a time?

- Do all under 30yr olds have the luxury of being able to rely on family to help carry them through the 6mth down periods?

- Will there be extra pressure on charities and will they be able to manage? Will they be forced to introduce qualifying criteria?

- What does applying for 40 jobs per week and meeting with a case manager actually look like?

- Can people who are in extreme hardship afford internet? Access to Internet? Transport? Clothing? 

- What happens to those who are trapped in remote regions?

- Will this cause resentment to grow between the local nationals versus immigrants including ourselves?

- Will people who have a choice to be here be accused of 'stealing jobs' in an already exhausted job market?

- Will this cause resentment between our own people who have are living here already against those who are simply coming over from NZ because jobs are now scarce and many don't have the option to go home?

- Will our people back in NZ stay away from Australia for concern of putting extra pressure on those already fighting for employment and trying to survive?

These are just some of the questions we could ask ourselves and no doubt there are many more. The country is undergoing extensive changes and Australia is no longer the place it used to be. Informing friends and whanau of the risks is paramount to keep one another safe.

"As a worker, not only it is in your economic self-interest for there to be welfare, but for as many other workers as possible to be on it for as long as they like. It's simple supply and demand. If they're not looking for work, you're more likely to be able to find a job and to demand higher wages when you get one.

It might help Daily Telegraph readers to think of it like this: people on the dole are like "boat people", you don't want them coming over here and stealing our jobs and driving down wages because they will work for crumbs because they're used to living in poverty." - Courtesy Ben Archist and Anti-Poverty Network SA.

Na Erina

Part 1 - The Treaty of Waitangi. Interesting to note the connections it has to Australia. Hongi Hika - A Maori chief had been to Port Jackson, NSW and seen how the Aboriginal people were being mistreated by the British and was deeply concerned. Seems this was the catalyst for our Treaty to be written according to this dramatisation.


Enough is enough time for it to be addressed!

Kiwis in Oz wanting Citizenship............ aka Hate page. Take a snap shot hillbillies biggest headline you are ever going to get.

I am over pretending your hate page does not exist and turning the other check. Enough is enough. you are no longer going to be unaccountable for your hate and attacks.

Your hate is disgusting! Your lies and games you have placed into others lives is beyond comprehension, god will be your judge and jury.

You have published peoples address's to cause them harm. Dressed them up in Hitler's clothes to insult their integrity. Stated the biggest lies and continue to do so. Insulted and belittled our children. No longer will I stay quiet about your redneck culture and hate.

The time has come for you to be addressed and by holly shit I am not backing down from you and your red neck beliefs anymore. You do not scare me. What you going to do threaten me again been there done that .........next.

Yes aroha will change this legislation for us and unity.

I do not believe however that I and the iwi n aus team in fact anyone should sit here and repetitively be attacked by these mongrels anymore.

Strong words yes and totally back them. Way over this shit. 

Stand tall stand proud. 

Kia Kaha 
Kind regards

Arohamai/apologies, I've hidden the most recent post due to now not being certain of all the facts about Family Tax Benefit being reduced or cut. We thought the source was fairly reliable but I've just received conflicting information and confirmation. I'll go back to the drawing board myself and find out exactly what it all means and get back to you asap! Na Erina

Q. If you could change something today what would you elect it to be? 

For example:

1. Vote
2. Fair pathway to citizenship
3. Student loans/students allowances
4. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
5. Access to emergency services 

If there are any other areas that you can think of that are important to you please let us know via this thread, PM or email.

We are very excited to announce that in early August we will be meeting and holding a groundbreaking workshop in Adelaide, SA with a State MP and Campaign Specialist to strategically plan our future goals moving forward.

Numbers are limited but if you would like to express your interest in attending please contact us via email iwinaus@gmail.com or Ph 0404417994 for more details. 

Na Erina 

John Campbell interviewed Mr Tyson after the 2010-11 Queensland floods, last week he phoned Campbell Live to invite John back, asking for help.

So sad. Please take five minutes and sign the petition!!

Father wants his son's bravery acknowledged


In the days that followed the Queensland floods, Australia, New Zealand and the world saluted Jordan's incredible heroism.

ACTOR and Aboriginal elder Rosalie Kunoth-Monks has launched a deeply moving defence of her traditional way of life stating “I am not the problem”. 

The actor who starred as Jedda in Charles Chauvel’s classic Australian film of the same name, was praised on Twitter last night for delivering one of her most eloquent and passionate speeches yet, on the television show Q&A. -News.com.au


Rosalie Kunoth-Monks inspires with her Q&A speech: ‘I am not the problem’


ACTOR and Aboriginal elder Rosalie Kunoth-Monks has launched a deeply moving defence of her traditional way of life stating “I am not the problem”.

Talk about looking after themselves?! No wonder people don't trust politicians. Other occupations would have you stood down before a guilty verdict had even been sought but in politics you can be found guilty and still represent the people??? Dirty Rotten Politics!

Na Erina 


Guilty Banks to remain an MP


John Banks will remain in Parliament and the Government will carry on.

Can one person make a difference? Is standing alone noble or a waste of time? We may not win the battle but sitting back and doing nothing IS whinging and certain defeat. Heaps of protests against the budget and unfair legislations to jump in there and get our message across. Adelaide may be small but people here are prepared to fight. Love it! #marchinginadelaide#deathofthefairgo ...except it died for Kiwis on 26th Feb, 2001

Na Erina