Member for Te Tai Tokerau, Labour Party

Current Parliamentary roles

  • Member, Law and Order Committee
  • Spokesperson, Police
  • Spokesperson, Corrections
  • Associate Spokesperson, Education (Māori)
  • Associate Spokesperson, Regional Affairs
  • Associate Spokesperson Justice (Sexual and Domestic Violence)
  • Associate Spokesperson, Regional Development

Phone: +64 4 817 9021

Brutal treatment behind Christmas Island riot

09 Nov 2015 17:21 PM

NZ detainees need consular protection

09 Nov 2015

Kelvin Davis Christmas Island

Kelvin Davis, a NZ Labour MP went to visit Christmas Island to find out for himself the truth behind what is really going on. He has been shocked to learn first hand the injustices that his people and others are facing and has since been advocating and placing pressure on the NZ government to do more to help. He has even urged PM John Key to, "Stop being so gutless."

Kelvin Davis' worst fears about conditions in Australian Detention Centres confirmed

Published on Oct 27, 2015

Te Karere Presenter Oriini Tipene-Leach speaks to Te Tai Tokerau MP, Kelvin Davis, who's just returned from visiting Australian detention centres in Villawood and Christmas Island. After protracted negotiations to see the NZ detainees, Davis finally got to see eight detainees from Christmas Island on Friday and he told me it confirmed his worst fears about conditions at these facilities.

What does Kelvin Davis hope to achieve by going to Christmas Island?

Kelvin Davis: John Key 'gutless' over Christmas Island

Tuesday 10 Nov 2015

"Labour MP Kelvin Davis has confronted Prime Minister John Key over his "gutless" handling of the ongoing situation in the Christmas Island detention centre.

Riot police today moved to restore order at the prison after unrest was sparked by the death of an asylum seeker. A group of detainees staged a protest on Sunday after the death of the escapee, triggering the volatile situation.

"Prime Minister you've been gutless, you need to help the 501s," Mr Davis said to Mr Key, before being brushed aside by the Prime Minister's security..."