First change to the law introduced by the John Howard government in 2001 was the Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (New Zealand Citizens) Bill 2001.

The brackets ( ) show that this group are  EXCLUDED. Imagine if it said this, (homosexuals), (Asians), (people with dark skin), (people with blonde hair), (elderly) or   (disabled), there would be an absolute uproar. Yet it says (New Zealand Citizens) and nobody bats an eyelid.

To exclude a particular group based on nationality one would think is discrimination but in Australia they have altered their own laws to say discrimination based on immigration is in fact  NOT   discrimination. Therefore, protecting the government from any legal challenges.

In other words, they have created laws to protect themselves from any wrongdoing whatsoever or possible breaches of human and/or civic rights.

Na Erina Anderson

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Second law change executed by Phillip Ruddock, Immigration Minister, 2001 - note the words used in the brackets (Permanent Resident Status - New Zealand Citizens)

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