Call it the boomerang effect. It was not that long ago that an exodus of New Zealanders across the Tasman plunged the country into a fit of national angst over whether anyone would be left to turn out the lights. 

But the grass really is greener in New Zealand - for now at least. 

For the first time in decades, we are close to a tipping point where more Kiwis return home than leave, thanks to a booming economy and skills shortage.

NZ now the 'lucky country'

For the first time in decades, it would appear the grass really is greener in NZ as Kiwis come home.

Are you finding it hard to transfer your KiwiSaver savings to Australia?

Tamsyn Parker: Second rate citizens again? - Your Money - NZ Herald News

It's hard to believe that nearly a year after the New Zealand and Australian governments' signed an agreement to allow people to transfer their superannuation savings between the two - New Zealand Herald

Campbell Live continues with "At home with the Leaders" series.

Ali Ikram was invited to the home of Te Ururoa Flavell - co-leader of the Maori Party - and his wife Erana, in Ngongotaha on the shores of Lake Rotorua, for raw fish and Rewena bread. 

At Home with the Leaders: Te Ururoa Flavell

Ali Ikram was invited to the home of Te Ururoa Flavell - co-leader of the Maori Party - and his wife Erana, in Ngongotaha.

United we Stand 

The government are now looking to extend the waiting period to collect your super up to 65yrs old. This will mainly affect people born after 1970. Are you a Kiwi who's been here since 1st September 1994 when the SCV was first introduced? If you are and you haven't got citizenship yet we strongly advise you get it before more rules come into play. We believe it's only a matter of time before more cuts will come and all SCV holders are easy targets to restrict from the budgets.

A law change ensuring people are not "shortchanged" on five-year passports is on hold while ministers await a report on a petition calling for 10-year passports to be restored. 

Kyle Lockwood, a New Zealander living in Melbourne who started the petition, said he was hopeful the delay meant his campaign was being taken seriously.

Passport law change on hold

A law change ensuring people are not "shortchanged" on five-year passports is on hold.

Today we marched today down King William St towards Parliament House in Adelaide. The atmosphere was charged and people were there in their droves to show their utter disgust against the 2014 budget. 

Although the Abbott government isn't popular to many and are making life harder for our people we do still hold Labor responsible because under the Rudd and Gillard government they did nothing whatsoever to equalise or even reduce the discrimination we face. It was good to hear some of the other speakers speak out against Labor also who have a lot of work ahead if they are ever going to win the trust of the people once again.

No time has been better than right now to get involved with your communities, your cities, your unions and your local groups who are doing all they can to stand up. It was an empowering feeling to stand tall and proud next to our fellow Aussies who were angry for us also once they learned our plight, some surprisingly said they had heard and were disgusted. 

These protests are about all the little people, the downtrodden, the vulnerable, the underdogs, the sick, the disabled, the weak, our youth, the Indigenous people, the elderly, children, woman, the homeless, honest hard workers, refugees and asylum seekers, immigration reforms, education, health, medicare, the climate, welfare and animal welfare. 

These are the very ones who will and already are paying the highest price to decrease the so called urgent deficit not only in dollars but socially, emotionally and mentally. But Mr Abbott and his cohorts don't seem at all phased in the slightest about the mess they will leave in the future. A financial deficit is much easier to fix than broken human beings. 

Na Erina

Oh how the rules did change. Medicare, Job seeking agencies and education. Shame on the Labor government for allowing and welcoming these things to get worse for our families and children as well whilst they were in power.

Don't you just love the photo of a happy young family showing that they aren't moving to Australia so they can claim benefits (unlike some New Zealanders?). 

Propaganda from the start.

Screenshot 2014-09-20 09.46.40.png

Adelaide SA: 

Tomorrow morning I'll be meeting with a State representative Katrine Hildyard who has been extremely supportive and keen to help give direction and advice about how we can best raise awareness and campaign about our plight. Also off to another march in Adelaide city this Sunday with other activist groups to wave our Iwi n Aus banner. 

Is there any groups or events happening in your city/region that you could attach yourself to and get involved? It's a great way to meet like minded people who are passionate about human rights issues and share our plight also. 

Na Erina

Another success story - Permanent residency for someone who came before 1st Sept 1994. Many still don't know it exists so always share friends and whanau, it's crucial information. Na Erina 

Thanks to Lesley for sharing their story: 

Well its happy days in our house! Hubby got his RRV today & after procrastinating for months thinking surely it wasn't that easy, the official email arrived after sending it to immigration last week. Many thanks goes to Erina, who I spoke to at length in November last year, giving great advice & tips on how to apply. We have been here 8 years now & did not know how we were going to ever become permanent residents until we heard about the RRV. Hubby had been here a number of times prior to 1994 & his mum still had his passport from the time he travelled in 1988! We gathered all the info we could to support his application - 
dates of travel
rates notice for the home we have a mortgage on
job letter
sports club affiliations
and compelling reasons as to why he had been away so long. 
Everything was sent to immigration last week as an appointment was not an option. For a whole week I was constantly checking the emails for confirmation & finally it arrived today.If you are eligible, take the plunge - its not so daunting after all & the Iwi n Aus team will certainly give you helpful advice. Unfortunately I can't apply as I did not travel here before 94, but now we have a sponsor yippee!

Our NZ media would like to speak to anyone considering moving back to NZ after watching last night's budget. Please PM us if you are happy to share your situation.

Na Erina

Perth - WA 
(Real life situation)

- 43yr old NZ male
- Ex wife is Australian
- 3 young children in care of mum and has visits with dad each week
- Dad has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and given 5-6yrs to live
- Dad has been rejected DSP therefore living on no income
- Knows if he returns to NZ he will never get to see his children again
- Has tried working and has collapsed on job sites numerous times
- Has gone as far as to conceal his health condition just to try to earn an income
- Condition rapidly getting worse
- Not eligible for a healthcare card due to receiving no income
- Has been living off the good charity of friends in Australia and family in NZ
- Has no family support in Australia
- Arrived two weeks after the 2001 laws changed so been living in Australia for over 13yrs
- Doesn't qualify for RRV
- Now faces having to pay Dr's fee and more for medicines
- Has one week's rent left 
- Has run out of options but refuses to leave and return back to NZ for fear of never seeing his children ever again
- Would choose a life of homelessness instead of leaving

Is this how Australia is treating our people? They would rather see you die on their streets than afford you with some dignity and help should life deal you a harsh hand? 

What do you do? The situation seems hopeless and for years he has been battling a system that has no regard for his humanity. To say go back to where you came from is not an option that any decent human being should be saying or have to face. 

This is not an isolated or rare case. In fact it's occurring far more frequently yet we are blind to it and so much more.

Register to vote in NZ if you are eligible. Make our NZ government take some responsibility since they know full well what is happening. They should be warning our people and advocating for those of us who are here who have been totally kept in the dark of what the 2001 legislations truly mean - no rights, no humanity, no dignity and certainly no care. 

Na Erina

Sometimes when the situation seems hopeless new things sprout. If we didn't pursue these issues with deep conviction and pure determination we would never have learned about RRV and other forms of help available. 

Now we can gladly say that hundreds if not thousands of lives have been transformed with the new knowledge in less than a year. There is of course still so much more that needs to be done and many that are still locked out.

We will be doing our best to see if there is anything that can be done for this family so please keep sharing our information so more and more people become aware of what is REALLY happening. 

You can help by sharing our fb page, website, articles, media links - good and bad so people can learn the differences. Talk with family, friends, work colleagues, sporting groups, church groups. Talk to anyone and everyone about these issues Sooner or later our voices will be heard.

The 2001 legislations are nothing short of cruel and denigrating to anyone who has ever been on the receiving end. Don't let it get to that point in your own life before you start speaking out.


Applying for NZ Passport

No more of the, "I don't care, I don't want to become an Aussie citizen anyway" attitude. 

It's time to let go of the pride and understand that in order to move forward harmoniously we need to adjust this attitude. Many say they respect Australia's laws yet don't want citizenship despite being eligible to apply. 

Even if you intend on returning back to NZ one day that is no excuse to not apply for citizenship. Do you know how frustrating it is for politicians who want to help us but are restricted yet many of their possible voters choose not to be voters? 

Not sure if you qualify for citizenship or the cost? For most it is $260 per person or much less if you are on a benefit.

We strongly advise become a citizen while you can. We can't possibly expect politicians to want to help us if we don't have the courtesy to become citizens (where possible) therefore future voters. It's like asking them to do something for us when we have no intention to give them something back in return - our vote. 

It's time to educate all our friends and whanau/family about why they need to get citizenship. 

Nga mihi,