It's a short sharp campaign designed to let the NZ Prime Minister know expat Kiwis living in Australia are not happy with the lack of regard, duty of care and empathy toward the deliberate denial of basic human rights.

Photos with messages are being shared across Social Media by all who support a safer, brighter and fair immigration system. This is a signal of the growing unrest of people who are disenfranchised, vulnerable and facing indefinite discrimination based on the 2001 immigration policies.

A bit of humour (because we're Kiwis) is interwoven with the pointing of the finger: 'Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, It's John Key manning up at long last.' 

Our PM has maintained for a number of years it is Australia's sovereign right to manage their policies as they see fit despite the growing human carnage of his civilians as a result. At times we saw glimpses of him addressing the issues but they seemed to fade as quick as they were raised, dashing all hopes and wishful thinking.

Many Kiwis feel abandoned, used, devalued and helpless. This is a political battle that John Key cannot avoid forever. It's time he used his position and negotiation skills to leverage change for a brighter future.

One powerful tool he does have is the amending of New Zealand's immigration policies to restrict Australia's free entitlements to settlement in New Zealand and permanent resident status. He needs to match the restrictions, costs and bureaucracy of which we are so blatantly denied whilst migrating to Australia.

It's time to MAN UP to the Big Cousin across the ditch, play hard but fair. It's time to protect expat Kiwis. #JohnKeyManUp