IndigenousWise Incorporated has recently joined us and  are an NGO in NSW that are working with IWI n AUS

IndigenousWise Incorporated
Sydney, Australia
INCN | INC1301470 ABN | 61 210 965 009

Contact: Ema Williams 0407 372 542

December 2015

A massive thanks and shout out to Ema Williams, Aroha Paul and your wonderful team of volunteers who took the time to visit Villawood Detention Centre and bless our '501s' (NZ detainees) for Christmas with your time, energy, gifts and aroha.

Thank you also for being a light in the community in raising awareness and education around this largely invisible and often misunderstood problem.

Both Ema and Aroha are operating under their title of IndigenousWise Incorporated (aka IWI). They have witnessed first hand the urgent need and been instrumental in volunteering their time and expertise to set up a network in NSW specifically targeted to provide community links and support for our 501s and their families.

A very special thank you also goes out to some of our key 501s in Villawood who have been instrumental in communicating their ideas and advice around the types of support they could do with.

If you would like to learn more about this support network in NSW please go to or website for their contact details.

Contact: Ema Williams 0407 372 542

Post by Warwick Sawyer: 
"Spent some of today at Villawood detention centre with these amazing people visiting our New Zealand family that are unjustly detained by shocking immigration laws. I was so blessed to spend time with all these people. Best Xmas"