As expats, today we are disgusted with the arrogance and lack of acknowledgement by our NZ government in their bid to lure expats back to NZ.

What an insult to all our people both in Australia AND NZ of whom need employment? Sure many expats will be tempted to escape Australia of which they have every right, but that's largely because of the inequalities faced. What about those that are already in NZ that desperately need employment?

It's bad enough Australia's immigration policies refuse to acknowledge nor appreciate any of our contributions, arrangements, reciprocal agreements, historical ties and interwoven genealogies, but to have you, Minister stake claim for 'donating' our expats to Australia is sanctimonious. Especially when your government has done nothing but avoid and ignore our pleas for political intervention over the inhumane legislations of 2001. 

So please Mr Joyce, save your self serving political agenda because we owe you and our NZ government nothing. 

And to add insult to injury remember that all the permanent residents you decide to employ from Australia who aren't expat Kiwis will be afforded Human Dignity and Rights immediately - something which has been forever stripped from us by the Australian government with the help of our NZ government.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. It's time to change the so called special arrangements and start playing hard but fair!

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