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Eligible voters living in Australia could hold balance of power for NZ elections

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Kelvin Davis takes the helm for Te Tai Tokerau

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Harawira whānau happy to have Hone home

Māori seats to watch: Te Tai Tokerau, Te Tai Hauauru and Tāmaki Makaurau

Te Tai Tokerau candidates continue to fire

Flavell refutes claims that Māori Party exec asked Tai Tokerau candidate to stand down

Harawira maintains focus despite increased support for Davis

Te Tai Hauāuru candidates maintained respectful campaigns

Paenga standing down will look bad for Māori Party

Māori Party exec ask Tai Tokerau candidate to stand down

Peters dubbed Kingmaker as Election Day looms

National keen to allow iwi to administer youth benefits

Key wants Harawira to lose Tai Tokerau seat

National support Labour's Davis and release new social development policy

Harawira tightens his grip to maintain Tai Tokerau seat

Internet-MANA survival is up in the air according to polls

Polls show it's a close battle between Davis and Harawira for Tai Tokerau electorate

‘Vote Kapa Vote’ successfully encouraging more Māori to vote

Māori raise thoughts as Election Day draws near

Māori social service provider in OZ pleads for NZ Govt assistance