Crises of Capitalism

Join us on a journey of learning about how politics works

Politics: Lesson #1 Crises of Capitalism -

Prior to raising our plight I seriously had no idea how politics worked. I came from a background where we didn't discuss politics around our dinner table let alone anywhere else. We were raised to work hard, pay our taxes and to leave politics to the elite to work out for us all. 

As I grew older I tried to follow current affairs programs and news items in order to try to learn, but there were so many topics, the use of jargon, acronyms and terminologies used I would get lost within moments then switch off.

Now that we're in a situation where they only way we can truly effect change is at a political level it's been imperative to get up to speed with how it works.

This has lead us on a pathway of learning, researching and discovery. 

We would like to share our journey with you and have decided to involve information and education around politics and anything that may help us all to understand the terms and structures. 

So if you're as keen as we are to learn keep an eye out for our posts that we add. We will also create a section on our webpage where we will add all links and information to. 

Attached is an animated discussion titled Crises of Capitalism.

Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. 

We hope you enjoy and we look forward to healthy discussions and debates around our learning.
Nga mihi,