How to renew your RRV online:

Note: There is NO RRV Renewal Option, only an RRV online application form.

You will need your previous grant number and passport details to complete the online application. In my experience it took a few days for my application to be processed and confirmation letter sent via email. If you have to leave Australia in an emergency and you haven't renewed your RRV to be safe it's best not to reenter Australia until you have received your renewal letter if your RRV has expired. My renewal date was granted on the day my confirmation email was sent. It wasn't backdated to the date I applied.

1. Create an account with DIBP (Dept of Immigration and Border Protection) called an 'ImmiAccount'. Save your username and password.

2. Login to your 'ImmiAccount'.

3. Click accept terms and continue.

4. Click My applications then 'New Application'

new application.png

5. Click Resident Return and complete the application form.

6. Pay the renewal fee (which is the same as the initial application fee) and wait to receive your Grant Notification via email. Note: The cost may change so please check here.

7. Generally speaking the first time you renew your RRV it will be granted for another one year period. The second time you renew it will be granted for five years each time thereon in.

*Note: If you are able to apply for Australia citizenship it is much cheaper and doesn't need renewing. Check the expiry date to make sure of the date you need to renew by.