Helen Twose Personal finance and KiwiSaver columnist at the NZ Herald answers a question sent in regarding Kiwisaver and transferring it from Australia. 

Q. For the last four years my husband and I have been working in Western Australia for eight months of each year, with our employers paying into our Australian super funds.
I am 62 and my husband is 67 doing a seniors OE.
We read an article in the Herald that New Zealanders bringing home overseas super money would be taxed at New Zealand tax rates. 
We plan on returning permanently at the end of this year.
We understand that New Zealanders can have Australian super funds transferred to a New Zealand KiwiSaver fund.
Is that money tax-free?
So if it is taxed in New Zealand, would we be better to leave that money paid into our Australian bank account and spend it as we desire?
Read her answer here. 

KiwiSaver: Choices abound for OZ super funds - Your Money - NZ Herald News


For the last four years my husband and I have been working in Western Australia for eight months of each year, with our employers paying into our Australian super funds. I am 62 and - New Zealand Herald

This is a shocking article that is upsetting on SO many levels. 

Where do you think the enraged group of thugs got their misguided understanding and information from in the first place? Politically driven media and influence that create fear and terror amongst ordinary civilians is causing innocent people to get caught in the cross fire. 

"I told them I was from New Zealand but they just turned around and said ‘well after we get the Muslims out of our country you lot are next’.”

Where do they get the idea that Kiwis don't belong either? 

These discriminative beliefs are stemmed from policies that seek to create unequal and subordinate groups of human beings. Shame on John Howard and Phillip Ruddock for creating these laws and shame on the recent governments for continuing to endorse and erode the rights of defenseless and innocent people!

Ex-pat Kiwi Lucas Pollard mistaken for a Muslim by a group of hoons who threatened and labelled...


LUCAS Pollard is too scared to drive his car after being the victim of vicious racial abuse when he was mistaken for a Muslim in Ashmore on Thursday.

Beautifully said Matty B
Sending out Aroha to you all 
We are all EQUAL and the answer is Love.
Kia Kaha 
Iwi n Aus Team

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (MattyBRaps Cover ft Olivia Kay)

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Stand Tall,
Stand Proud 

We are routinely asked how does one go about applying for citizenship? We have placed all the relevant links onto our website to make it easier for you and us. 

There is a process but our advice is just tackle one thing at a time and not to feel overwhelmed - it's much easier, cheaper and quicker than applying for PR that's for sure.


Words cannot describe the disbelief of hearing John Howard's denial of such outright atrocities enacted toward Indigenous Australians. 

He alone has been responsible for creating reprehensible pain, grief and human sufferance through many of his own policies, yet he is unnervingly confident and proud of his achievements. It seems that John Howard is not able to empathise with anyone unless he experiences certain pain and grief first hand. 

If world leaders and organisations recognise such injustices how can it be so easily ignored, year after year after year? 

Despite having our own problems we need to be better educated and informed on a variety of issues faced by many. 

By learning about other areas you begin to realise discrimination, injustice and breaches of human rights, decency and dignity are rife. 

Furthermore, attempts at correcting past wrongs never seem to get any better, rather they worsen as time goes by. Meanwhile, people in general become accustomed to the new norms and their voices being continually silenced.


Cost last time we looked was $260 or less for anyone on pensions - around $40. There's no age restriction and 60+ yr olds don't need to sit the citizenship test.


Apply for Australian Citizenship?


You can either apply online or download and print off the paper application. Please click links to read full notes. Below are just a brief outline of the most important key points.

Watch what you tweet or post online today - it could cost you $20,000. 

Election officials are reminding users of Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media that they are under the same rules as the mainstream news media when it comes to publishing political messages on election day. 

That means if you write and post your thoughts or feelings about parties or candidates you either support or vehemently oppose, you could find yourself being the subject of a complaint to the police from someone with different views. 

Chief electoral officer Robert Peden told the Waikato Times he and his fellow bureaucrats wanted to help everyone stay on the right side of the rules. 

"On election day, it is a criminal offence to distribute or broadcast any statement that is likely to influence a voter as to the candidate or party option the voter should or shouldn't vote for, or which influences people to not vote," he said. 

"This is a long-standing law in New Zealand and one most of us value." -Stuff.co.nz

19th September 2014, marks 121 years of women’s suffrage. 

In 1893, New Zealand became the first nation in the world to grant women the right to vote.

Suffrage Day (September 19) is a significant day in New Zealand’s history. 

Stand beside our sisters and vote 

Read more about The New Zealand Women's suffrage here:http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/politics/womens-suffrage

Stand Tall,
Stand Proud

Kia Kaha

Hopefully this will help if you're confused or stuck on what to do to vote once you have registered. 

Follow this link if you have registered to vote in the NZ elections from overseas and download and complete this paperwork. Remember to:

Upload by - Completing your declaration and ballot paper using a blue or black pen. Then visit www.elections.org.nz/upload for information about the upload service and to access it. 


Fax (+64 4 494 2300) before 7pm (NZ time) Saturday 20th September. 

You can of course go into a designated post around Australia as well before 4pm today. Lists of posts are here:http://www.elections.org.nz/sites/default/files/plain-page/attachments/list_of_overseas_posts_as_at_18_july_2014.pdf 


New Zealand's annual net migration rose to a record in August, exceeding Treasury's forecasts, and spurred by more migrant arrivals and the ongoing decline of Kiwis leaving for Australia.

The country gained a net 43,500 migrants in the year ended Aug. 31, the highest ever gain, according to Statistics New Zealand. Annual arrivals reached a new high of 103,900, while departures were down 22 percent from the previous year to 60,400. Meanwhile, the net loss of 6,500 people to Australia was the smallest since January 1995.-TheNZHerald

Today I and my whanau are going to vote. After sitting on the fence, watching, listening, waiting I have made my decision to ensure I do not give any of my votes to either of the major political parties, and that includes any parties that are in coalition with them. I'm looking to vote for those whom I think aren't afraid to rattle cages, stick their necks out and call a spade a spade, and those who have the people's best interest at heart, particularly our most vulnerable. Who I vote for may not be the best strategic choice at this time but I believe if a difference isn't made this time round, voting outside the norm will contribute to building a much stronger platform for the future. It's time for radical changes, but it's going to take radical thinking, solidarity and active participation. It's not too late to register and vote but time has almost run out. Your votes DO count, even though we tend to think it won't. Right wing politics depends and survives on those who need to vote to feel powerless. By not voting you automatically surrender to the party you least want to rule over your future. Take ownership and exercise your rights, you CAN make a difference.

Nga mihi nui
Erina and team x

What do we stand for as a nation?

Is Corruption happening in front of our eyes?

Get involved and VOTE!

Your children and grandchildren are counting on it!!

Your voice is needed 

Stand Tall,
Stand Proud

Kia Kaha

Tomorrow is the day.

20th September 2014 New Zealand General Election.

Have you registered to vote?
Today is your last chance to register.

Registered to vote and still unsure WHO to vote for.

Here is a interactive election site covering all major Party Policies.

Stand Tall,
Stand Proud 

Labour isn't happy about Australia's Liberal Party trying to help National win the election.

In an unusual move, Liberal Party federal director Brian Loughnane has launched an online campaign urging Australians to encourage New Zealand friends living and working in Australia to vote National.

"Without the party votes of National supporters living overseas there is a real risk that Labour will cobble together a coalition government with the Greens and minor parties," Mr Loughnane writes.

"Under the leadership of John Key and National, New Zealand is moving in the right direction."

Labour's campaign spokeswoman, Annette King, says there must have been "collusion at the highest level" between National and the Liberals.-MSN NZ

Following on from my previous question: The answer is Yes, New Zealanders can be detained for a variety of reasons to do with breaking the law.

Case scenario: A young single mum is detained and facing deportation after being incarcerated. One child is with her in the detention centre due to being born there while others are in the care of family members awaiting her release. We are not able to give away too many identifying details but we will give just a few to try help paint the picture of an issue that probably doesn't cross our minds. 

Our information is taken from the person in contact with us and we have no other details so we are going by what we have been told. We've put this up to give people food for thought and give another angle to why citizenship is so important. 

Some details of scenario:
- Charged offenses were committed as a minor under the age of 18yrs old
- Lliving in Australia for over 10yrs since she was a young teenager
- Female was not living at home from a young age due to family and personal problems
- Became heavily involved in alcohol and substance abuse
- According to her crimes committed were mainly petty apart from a serious charge of assault that involved a number of others but she was the only one ever charged
- 2yr sentence was reduced to under a year due to the fact she now had children
- Once released from prison, Immigration officers transported her immediately to a detention centre
- She has been waiting in the detention centre for over two years for a decision to be made of whether she is allowed to continue living in Australia and whether she still poses a threat
- Time now served is longer than the original sentence

Our concern is that she has been living in Australia since she was very young. She came here with all her family therefore she has no immediate family left in NZ. She has children in Australia whom she fears may not be handed back to her if deported therefore petrified of the prospect of being separated. She acknowledges she has made some terrible mistakes and since having children has turned her life around completely to focus on their needs, set goals for their future and straightened her life out - remember crimes charged were from incidences that happened long before she had children. She is very remorseful struggles to understand the technicalities of her situation and completely reliant on the support and advice from other professionals. She has virtually no family support due to being transferred interstate and the family not being in a financial position to support her needs. She has not seen her other children for 3 years and is desperate to see them.

Please be respectful in your views and anyone who writes any types of judgemental or attacking comments toward her as a person will be removed. This is up for an open healthy discussion and God forbid anything like this could happen to anyone in our own whanau, what would we do? What can we do to prevent such a thing from happening? The point being, what would have protected her from facing such a heavy handed consequence that would seek to separate her from her children? Having the right to a pathway of citizenship and being allowed to take a secure place in the land she calls home should never be made so unobtainable, especially for all our children. NZ is not her home anymore and all her family live here. We don't know how else we can support this young lady except to provide awhi/support and understanding.

Any helpful feedback would be gratefully appreciated.
Nga mihi nui

He Patai/Question: Can New Zealanders be detained in Detention Centres in Australia? If, yes, what situations do you think would cause Kiwis to be detained? Would it be only those affected by the 2001 legislations or any Kiwi? We have some interesting new revelations of which we will discuss in upcoming posts.

An "extraordinary" campaign by a doctor with controversial views on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome forced a New Zealand children's charity to put Red Nose Day on hold for more than a decade, but that should not mean it loses the rights to its trademark, a court was told yesterday.

Cure Kids is in the High Court at Auckland appealing against a decision to revoke its use of the Red Nose Day images and logos after a challenge by an Australian charity which claimed the rights to the fundraising event.-TheNZHerald
Read full article here

Recently we were critised for deleting comments. Please remember, we do have a choice about how we run our page as does every other Facebook page/group/individual. In saying this we try to be respectful at all times upholding healthy discussions and debates without being rude or disrespectful. We take criticisms onboard if we believe they are sincere. We've felt it is probably a good time to perhaps remind people of our beliefs and manner in which we operate. It's true, Iwi n Aus may not be for all but this is just one way in which to present an issue that we believe is serious enough that others need help in understanding and to provide the best kind of education we can around it as possible. 

Our response to a criticism over the weekend:

Every so often we get some unusual activity and I think I know which comments you are referring to over the weekend. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes than meets the eye and we haven't begun to tell half the stories of what actually goes on in FB land but I can tell you, if you think we would post or delete stuff to suit our own opinions I guess I can only hope the mahi we have done speaks for itself - as the saying goes, a bad tree can't produce good fruit. As far as accuracy goes, we do our best without any deliberate intentions to mislead. As far as jealousy goes I am unsure of how that may have come across? In response to the comments from the weekend, they were made by an individual whom it turns out doesn't support our cause Iwi n Aus and were here to simply seek out arguments with anyone they could - that's not okay on our page sorry and people have and will be banned for such behaviour. We are here to provide healthy discussions and of course people can disagree but not when they have an axe to grind, they can go do that elsewhere but not here. We are here to do a specific job, not to pander to everyone out there who thinks they can tear strips off us or others or create unhealthy attacks. Please also remember, there are many out there who are willing to exercise their right to 'freedom of speech' but are not willing to put their name to it, in other words they use false profile names etc. I believe if you have something to say then you should be brave enough to stand by it by showing your true self, not like a coward does. So all in all, we have an incredibly difficult job in keeping the discussions healthy and not turning into some kind of aggressive bitch-fest which is seen on so many pages. If we think someone is deliberately trying to cause pain and disharmony we do not tolerate it and yes, we ban and delete. This mahi is voluntary and people are free to leave our page and withdraw their support if they feel we are not doing a good enough job. Please note, we do have conditions to the use of our page otherwise it would turn into one big circus. So I apologise if you are not happy but again, we can't afford to let everyone exercise their freedom of speech if their only intention is to disrespect, discredit, attack or undermine our discussions. By all means, disagree but do so in a respectful manner and there will be no problem. Reminder *Rules for participating on our Iwi n Aus pages*

Our pages are for the use and discussion of issues that surround New Zealanders and their families who are affected by the 2001 legislations. We are here to share information and provide as much help and support as we possibly can to anyone who needs assistance.

We welcome healthy discussion and debate in our forums and encourage those who are learning about these issues to read through all the information on our website and blogs. 

Unfortunately from time to time we come across some unusual behaviour such as deliberate interjections of hate speech, attacks on people as individuals or as a whole, or people making statements without any real evidence to back up their claims.

We operate under a belief of tikanga/ethical practices and we are here to provide education and support. Therefore, we prefer people be respectful and open minded, just as if you were sitting in a room face to face with whom you are speaking to or with. We don't ask that people agree but it's obvious if people strongly disagree then this is not the place for them to vent their opinions.

Participants (and/or comments) may be removed without warning or explanation at the discretion of the admins and team. Any comments that breach Facebook's code of conduct guidelines will be reported and profiles blocked.

The number of New Zealanders living in poverty in Australia is growing, according to a Maori cultural group based in Sydney that has become a social service for Kiwis in need. 

The group, Te Kete Kahurangi, was set up initially to foster kaupapa Maori for Maori living in Australia. 

However, the last six months has seen it scrimping and saving to help New Zealanders who have fallen on tough times. Group president Awhina Waapu said this year she had seen more and more people struggling for accommodation and food. 

Waapu said Kiwis were not eligible for assistance because of the criteria required to become permanent residents of Australia. 

"Local community organisations aren't able to offer [New Zealanders] assistance in accommodation or address their needs because we don't fall under the eligibility criteria. Some New Zealanders are living rough because they cannot access help." 

Waapu said the only way forward for Kiwis in Australia was permanent residency. "It's the main issue. There are no clear pathways for Kiwis to get permanent residency under the current laws. 

"We can live and work here permanently but . . . can't get residency." -stuff.co.nz
Read the full article below

On Marae TVNZ - Great to see this kaupapa/topic continuing to be shared in NZ, helping to raise awareness 

Māori in Australia ask for fair go

Reporter Yvonne Tahana goes to the Gold Coast, Australia, to meet Māori from the only Māori politician standing for office outside of Aotearoa to the Matiaha...

RRV holders - Are you ready to renew your RRV? I recently renewed mine on line and have now created a resource to help you renew yours. Please feel free to provide any feedback on how you go and whether I can make the steps on our website easier for you to follow. 

Remember, if you have been in Australia for a minimum of 4 years including one year holding your RRV you may be eligible to apply for citizenship. If you have to go out of the country in between the time your RRV expires and your citizenship application it may pay to renew your RRV, just to be safe. 


Now that is a real man. 
A man with boundaries, respect and Mana 
NZ born and raised expat Dean represents NZ proudly in the United States TV show "What would you do?"

Proud to be a Kiwi and so very proud of you Dean.

Stand Tall,
Stand Proud

Kia Kaha

Recently I went to NZ and whilst there I inquired about KiwiSaver at the ANZ bank but this information is not restricted to the ANZ bank - in other words, other banks do KiwiSaver as well. 

The consultant (Jenny) I met with offered to help anyone in Australia with questions and if needed help to open an account. I had to say, "Are you sure about that?" haha, meaning LOOK OUT, you could get flooded lol.

We're not experts and don't have all the answers but on the KiwiSaver website they have almost all the information you need. http://www.kiwisaver.govt.nz/

Below is a very basic overview of KiwiSaver because we like things to be put simply. As always, please correct us if you know better .

Q. What is KiwiSaver?
A. It's a voluntary superannuation scheme in NZ created to help you save for your retirement.

Q. I live in Australia, how do I set up an account from here.
A. You will need an IRD number (NZ tax number), download/print/complete an application form and post to NZ, Passport details. Please contact us via email iwinaus@gmail.com and we will forward you on to our friendly consultant Jenny.

Q. How much do I have to put into my account?
A. You are free to contribute as much or as little as you like.

Q. What are the benefits?
A. There are a number of benefits but to list a few:

a - If you're planning on returning to NZ one day you now have options to transfer all your super that you have built up here in Australia to NZ.

b - After 3 years you may apply to use almost all your super to purchase your first home in NZ [Note: First home owners only can apply, Lending criteria apply, Funds transferred from Australia cannot be used - unfortunately  ].

c - First home owners may also qualify for a government grant of $3,000 - $5,000 to go towards their deposit if they have contributed regularly. [$1,000 per year, maximum of 5 years]

d - After your first 3mths of opening your account the NZ government add a $1,000 kickstart payment.

e - For those who used to live and work in Australia may now apply to have their super transferred back to NZ.

f - If you've owned a home before, in some circumstances you may still be eligible for the first home deposit subsidy. Housing New Zealand will need to determine that you are in the same financial position as a first home buyer.http://www.kiwisaver.govt.nz/new/benefits/home-sub/

Q. I'm having trouble transferring my funds from Australia to NZ, what do I do?
A. Currently the only way to transfer Australian retirement savings held with the ATO or a non-complying Australian superannuation provider back to New Zealand is to transfer them to an Australian superannuation provider that is complying with Trans-Tasman Portability. https://futurewise.anz.co.nz/anz-smart-choice-super-solution.aspx

Q. When you can get your money
A. Your KiwiSaver savings will generally by locked in until:

You're eligible for NZ Super (currently 65), or
You've been a member for at least 5 years (if you joined over the age of 60).

You may be able to make an early withdrawal of part (or all) of your savings if you're: [Our assumption is you would have to be living in NZ to qualify for the list below].

- buying your first home
- moving overseas permanently
- suffering significant financial hardship
- seriously ill. 


We've almost hit 8,000 likes on our page after one whole year. It's been an extremely tough journey and we have faced relentless attacks from anonymous profiles of which we have come to believe are government driven...NZ government that is! 

Did you know facebook likes can be bought? Did you know that we're one of only a few Kiwi campaigns that's refused to NOT mislead the public about the true support we have on social media? How can you tell if a page has most likely got bought likes? It's very easy to determine by the amount of activity that follows a page's posts eg We have 7,900 and average anywhere from 20 - 60 likes on our posts, often more. Another upcoming campaign has more likes than us virtually overnight with only a few likes to their posts, another has well over 30,000 likes yet averages much less than us. How do I know these things? Because when I first started out I worked with other admins on another campaign who suggested and paid for likes to create the illusion that our page was much more popular than it truly was. This was in the hope politicians and media might take us more seriously. But when I started Iwi n Aus my team and I determined we were not going to pretend we had more support than what was actually there. So kia ora everyone for your tautoko/support, your genuine support. We don't believe in talking crap nor drumming up support that isn't there. We believe in our cause so much so that if it takes years to build so be it. Otherwise there would be no stability and our foundations would crumble. Slow and steady wins the race 

Nga mihi nui
Erina and team

How ridiculous. How many will not go back to NZ because they will fear getting arrested?

"According to Inland Revenue, 89 per cent of overdue student loan repayments belong to New Zealanders based overseas, which amounted to $683 million a... See More

A warning that New Zealand passport holders with outstanding student loan debt may be arrested at customs.

The IRD now have the power to issue arrest warrants for student loan defaulters. 

Read more by clicking the link below.


If voting is a privilege not a Human Right.

Why do the NZ Government follow a structure enabling Australian citizens living in NZ eligible to vote in NZ, but not advocate for New Zealanders living in Australia to be eligible to vote in Australia?

To those who have RRV but have been told they must stand down another two years before being able to apply for Centrelink we now have some new information that may help you. Please email us if you are one of these people iwinaus@gmail.com Nga mihi, Erina