If you have been granted a permanent visa or Resident Return Visa (RRV) you can check your status using this link

You will need your passport number and visa grant details. This number is found on your RRV letter under Visa Grant Number and is no less than 13 digits long. Click link



Grant Number

What is required?

Enter your visa grant number of your current visa.

This is the unique number assigned to your current visa. Enter the 13 digit visa grant number of your most recent visa.

Your visa grant number would have been included in any correspondence you would have received from the department regarding the approval and grant of a visa. This may be the visa you were issued with when you first entered Australia as a temporary or permanent resident (migrant), or it may be any subsequent visas including a Resident Return visa. The visa may still be valid, or it may be expired.

If you cannot locate your approval letter, the visa grant number can also be obtained by contacting the department on 131 881 from within Australia or an Australian Visa Office overseas.
See: Immigration Offices Outside Australia

Once you have entered the correct details you will be issued instantly with this form.