The brackets ( ) used in the legislation changes show that this particular group are EXCLUDED. So in our instance it states (New Zealand citizens) which means New Zealanders are legally excluded. But what it also states is that New Zealanders are the only group of people excluded. 

Imagine if it said this, (homosexuals), (Asians), (people with dark skin), (people with blonde hair), (elderly), (disabled) etc etc, there would be a riot for sure. Yet because it says (New Zealand Citizens) nobody bats an eyelid.

To exclude a particular group based on nationality one would think is discrimination but in Australia they have altered their laws to say that discrimination based on immigration is in fact not discrimination. This is why the government have been able to avoid any legal challenges as well as get the all clear from the Human Rights Commission. In other words it seems laws have been carefully adjusted to protect themselves from scrutiny and to avoid any legal repercussions. In Australia it is perfectly acceptable and plausible to use New Zealanders for tax purposes and provide no political representation whatsoever. New Zealanders are paying in excess of $5 billion dollars in tax revenue and rising.

Initially the 2001 changes were not to affect education, medicare or job seeking assistance. We have however seen all three areas diversely affected which proves the legislations have permeated into other areas with no end.


By removing the automatic permanent resident status from New Zealand passport holders was an easy target. No paperwork and people would continue entering and leaving Australia without ever suspecting anything had changed. The notion that this system is much fairer has created a great deal of debate. However, our argument has always been, other migrants who come to live permanently must complete paperwork, are given the information upfront and are fully aware that once they are allowed to enter Australia they able to access citizenship. Likewise, those on family or work visas are also fully informed of the conditions that surround these visas. However, nothing of the sort has been happening for New Zealanders for 13yrs. 

We get accused of not doing our homework, yet our question is: How can over 200,000 people get it so wrong? Surely there must be an enormous glitch in this system and to be advised that we are the lucky ones is not the place of any individual or government to make such judgements. By concealing the true conditions would beg to ask the question why? Why hide the facts? Why keep the websites vague and convoluted? Our response and question is: Who is the one really benefiting from keeping the truth uncovered? 

Quite simply, after much research, lobbying, discussions and learning the only feasible response we can come up with is the Australian Government found a way to make money, save money and that is to let the Kiwis keep coming. 

So in short, more than $2 Billion dollars is paid by the non protected New Zealand citizen of which only a very small percentage ever needs to be budgeted for in comparison to any other tax payer who would need a higher return margin. So in essence, New Zealanders are the ones who are admittedly enjoying the higher wages and employment opportunities but Australia is enjoying a far greater return and benefiting from New Zealanders far more than it's own citizens and permanent residents.

We seek to be treated fairly and with dignity as well as to be afforded the right to live a life of security of which we can pass on to our children and families. No more and no less to what every other permanent resident, citizen, reasonable person or human being would want. We are not asking for special treatment, just to be treated with fairness, dignity and to be valued members of Australia's multi-cultural and diverse nation.

So often groups like ours who are trying to inform and educate the general public come under heavy attacks and scrutiny from the public and the media who have no doubt been misinformed through various means and from politicians that all this issue is about is trying to get the dole. That is the most ridiculous argument that if people thought about it doesn't make any sense. Why would a bunch of educated and articulate people be running a campaign for the dole? From that we created this poster which we took the idea from a few Kiwi ads in the past.

Nga mihi nui,

Erina Anderson - Morunga

Founder and spokesperson

Iwi n Aus