NZ PM John Key needs to care because one of his roles as Prime Minister is to have duty of care of his citizens and to intervene in circumstances of breaches to human rights that are brought about through political influence. We believe he should have   a moral responsibility to represent and exercise his sovereign powers to ensure political climates and relationships are balanced, equitable, economically viable and sustainable. He's also entrusted to form budgets and appropriately manage taxpayer funds.

As the years have progressed the number of expats living in Australia has ballooned. With each passing year numbers have increased to well over 200,000 for people whom face injustice because we are precluded from equality, human rights and safe guards - indefinitely.

We predict that both economically and morally the 2001 legislations will have a profound impact on our NZ economy, human cost and long term relations with Australia, not to mention the damage being caused to our sacred bonds such as ANZACs and interwoven family connections.

Ultimately as time progresses many will fall through the cracks of Australia's political web of legislations designed specifically to deny Kiwis. As a result, New Zealand taxpayers will be picking up the tab and PM John Key has got to be aware this will only continue as long as nothing changes.

Tertiary education is set to climb as will student loans, allowances and the migration of many Australian residents who seek to obtain affordable qualifications. This of course is at the expense of NZ taxpayers who risk giving education to many who have no intent on remaining in NZ once qualified. Logically student loan debt left by overseas debtors will grow and become another area of contempt.

Kiwis who are fortunate enough to be able to return to NZ in times of tragedy, misfortune or loss are inevitably supported by our NZ tax payers. This may become incredibly problematic if expats have been absent from NZ for years contributing taxes to the Australian economy yet afforded no entitlements, no rights, no access to emergency support or help.

Job shortages, underemployment, high housing and living costs are factors which will have a negative impact on those forced to return. Servicing debt left behind in Australia will become problematic also along with families divided and in many cases severed. Mental health, incarcerations, self worth and wellbeing are a few areas that will incur extra funding and the management of how these are distributed will impact NZ tax payers.

Growing resentment between our NZ citizens may also become a problem as people become resentful of one another misunderstanding the root causes and failing to see the problems occurred are directly due to political mismanagement and an inevitable snow ball affect. 

An unsustainable network of entrapment lays invisible to most expat Kiwis not only living in Australia but also if or when they return to NZ. Emergency housing is already insufficient to those present in NZ let alone any that are to return because they are destitute. How does our PM foresee the future of the growing numbers forced to return with nothing, and in many cases less than what they left with?

No one is immune from misfortune which is why permanent residency in the literal sense should never be afforded to anyone who can never integrate fully, obtain equity and citizenship. Our PM must recognise and acknowledge the grave and dire situation that is at hand, one which only he can begin to properly address and plan to resolve.

It's been 14 years too long since the Howard government maliciously used it's powers over our nation. It's time for our PM to 'Man Up' and admit there is a problem and do everything in his power to fix it. Skirting around the issues is not going to cut it for much longer as people lie in wait for representation and change.

Kiwis in both NZ and Australia are all going to lose in the end as well as Australians. To say there is nothing that can be done is a complete copout and avoiding the seriousness of a large unseen issue. Our PM can start by putting in place identical requirements for Australians and it's Permanent Residents moving to NZ and use the new cash-flow earned through immigration and extra taxes to help those in dire need. 

Perhaps when the shoe is on the other foot many more people will understand the injustice of political greed and power. Perhaps then many more will raise their voices in support of fair policies and justice.

To our PM, it's time to stop avoiding your responsibilities and live up to the peoples' expectations. It's time to say, #JohnKeyManUp

Nga mihi nui